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Food from the organic brand Alnatura

Juices, nuts, fruits, sweets or baby food - if you like organic, you know Alnatura BIO. This brand is among the first to offer products under the aspects of organic farming. What started out small now has a large market share that is looked after in an absolutely professional manner. Behind Alnatura is a company that has made the organic trend socially acceptable.

Alnatura has been a household name for a long time when it comes to the topic "organic". The company has been supplying the market with high-quality organic products for more than three decades. Alnatura was a pioneer in organic products. The range is now very large and covers more than just the food sector. With the products from Alnatura you can completely fulfill your purchase without having to do without anything - there is everything in the range, just in organic quality.

The thing has tradition

The organic brand has helped determine the entire organic trend right from the start. The company has specialized in naturally produced food at just the right time. Economist Götz Rehn founded Alnatura in 1984. He previously worked at Nestle and thus brought a lot of experience in the food sector.

The company initially marketed groceries under the Alnatura brand. As a sales partner, a large German drugstore chain ensured a wide range of products just two years after Alnatura was founded. Both companies developed the brand together and created a very interesting range for everyone who cares about organic products.

Alnatura soon founded his first own organic supermarket. That was the Alnatura Super Natur Markt in Mannheim. As an organic brand, Alnatura has made a very good name for itself in a very short time. The idea of ??bringing naturally produced food to the market was exactly what consumers wanted.

Götz Rehn has hit the nerve of the times. With a large German drugstore chain at their side, many people found out about the new organic brand and it was able to grow. A few years ago, however, the cooperation with this drugstore chain came to a bitter end. The drugstore chain began to establish its own organic brand and sold fewer Alnatura products.

The drugstore chain continued to develop its brand and Alnatura broke new ground. In the meantime, these are no longer available in the range of this drugstore chain. However, Alnatura has now grown so much and is so independent that the brand also finds its market in this way. So far, there are more than 100 own supermarkets of the BIO brand.

Alnatura BIO is organic

This BIO brand is about a natural way of farming with a high health aspect. All products sold by Alnatura are made from 100% organic ingredients. The philosophy of the company is nature. This means that the production takes place according to organic guidelines. But not only the production, but also the selection of the ingredients is based on strict criteria.

There are no additives and only as much salt and sugar as necessary is used in the products. Alnatura has its own specifications when it comes to the selection of ingredients. The brand deliberately advertises products with few ingredients. The aim is to concentrate on the essentials. Behind the production stands a well thought-out philosophy, the intention to make natural farming suitable for everyday use.

Guidelines from associations such as Demeter, Bioland or Naturland

But the brand also follows the guidelines of associations such as Demeter, Bioland or Naturland. These are umbrella organizations that have different criteria that farmers use to produce organically. Alnatura has a holistic concept with quality management that ensures that the brand's philosophy is adhered to. Everything sold under the name stands for organic.

The choice is enormous

Organic is by no means restrictive, on the contrary! With its range of products, Alnatura shows how varied and exciting it can be if you pay attention to natural production conditions when purchasing. Many products for daily consumption or consumption are in the range, but there are also innovative, special products. You can buy more than 1300 different things from Alnatura, all organically produced. The organic brand can serve every taste, primarily of course all consumers who value organic food. Alnatura even has fresh eggs in its range!

Alnatura caters to all tastes and has something ready for all occasions. From breakfast to dessert, from sausages to chips and from baby food to coffee, the range is well equipped. The organic brand has various focal points in its range. Baby and children's food is one of them. Fruit puree, biscuits, bars and wholesome meals can be found here in organic quality.

The brand also has a vegetarian and vegan focus. Many milk substitutes, for example, make it easy to do without cow's milk. But Alnatura also has milk and cheese in its range, produced by organic Farmers.

Innovation in the right place

Alnatura is a full-service provider that manages to fulfill all your shopping needs with organic products, if you want that. For the vegan diet trend, Alnatura has many milk substitutes in its range. The company always takes up new ideas and implements them. Peas, for example, are increasingly being used as a meat substitute and now also as a soy substitute.

Alnatura even has its own pea milk here, which you can use for milk froth in your coffee. Rice grains made from red lentils and chickpeas look like rice and can be prepared quickly. The organic brand also has sweets and crackers to offer and shows that organic cannot be boring at all, but is full of taste.

Alnatura also has ready-made products and product mixes that can be prepared quickly. There are also frozen goods in the Alnatura range.

Various initiatives are driving the matter

Anyone who runs a company like Alnatura and has such a philosophy naturally also thinks about the future and works on serving and securing the market in the long term. Alnatura always has exciting initiatives to live out the sustainability of the brand.

One of these initiatives revolves around the chicken eggs, more precisely the male chicks, which now can never become laying hens. The male chicks are raised under the name "brother chicks". When they are older, their meat is also marketed, but no animal is killed for Alnatura egg production just because it is male. The organic brand also supports farmers on their way to natural farming.

Conventional farmers who choose to go organic can work with the brand and get hands-on help. A number of farmers have already become organic farmers in this way and have found a professional customer for their products in Alnatura.

The organic brand Alnatura - nature and the well-being of animals

The organic brand has been taking big steps into the future since it was founded, has always stayed on the ball and does one thing above all: to provide consumers with high-quality products in which nature and the well-being of the animals play a major role.