Tea-Varieties Order from Germany

Tea is a very popular beverage in Germany. Because with tea you not only quench your thirst, but also experience pure enjoyment. Our tea varieties Offer For every life situation. You're tired? Then brew a stimulating black tea mixture. If you prefer green tea varieties, please! Did you know: tea is healthier than coffee.

Black or green tea – the perks that save the stomach

Where coffee quickly refuels the body with caffeine, so that you get sweats, black tea slows down. Moreover, black tea is short-brewed much more stomach-friendly. So you can also drink in the afternoon or early evening. Did you know that green tea comes from the same plant as black tea? By the way, green tea has been produced mainly in China, Taiwan and Japan for almost a thousand years. Black tea, on the other hand, is an invention of the British, which established the competing product in their colonies of India, Sri Lanka and Africa.

Our tea varieties: herbs and fruit teas for the whole family

In our shop you can order the most delicious teas directly from Germany. For example, gold male tea. The popular 9 herbal teas are found in every German household. This makes you choose a pleasant tea taste for the whole family. No matter whether large or small, fruit tea is also very popular in Germany. This is why gold males supply many social facilities. Because in tea there is pure well-being and health.

Variety is program: set to taste and many exquisite tea varieties

You may also order tea from teapot. Since 1882, the company has produced various types of tea. But the most famous tea brand in Germany is also with time. Whether refreshing in summer or warming in winter – tea is just the thing for every season.

Special types of tea as an inner journey and relaxation exercise

Also tea of the brand Messmer IS in Germany Very popular. The well-known and Tradition-rich brand relies on particularly wide variety. Everyone will find something here! This allows Teapot with tea from many regions of the world. Messmer is something for lovers of classic varieties. Taste the flavour of the world! The Wohlfühltee is also a special idea of Messmer. More and more people are drinking tea to recover from the stress of everyday life. Order your quality tea now directly from Germany!

Our TeaVarieties: Chamomile tea, mint tea, herbal tea, rooibos tea, fruit tea, Hagebuttentee, Apple tea, Himbeertee, ginger tea, chai, black tea, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Ceylon