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Large selection of organic baby food and children's food

Regardless of whether the children are big or small, parents agree on one thing. You only want the best food for your baby and child. It should be tasty for the little ones and appropriate for their age. That's why we have selected products from well-known brands in our range. For example, the companies Alnatura or HIPP are among them.

We carry a wide range of organic food. Have organic baby food and organic children's food delivered to you easily. From breakfast to dinner, everything is included. Choose different porridges such as organic baby porridge or jars, your baby will like them.

Baby food after breastfeeding

From a certain age, babies and small children receive additional nutrition in addition to breast milk. This is baby food or infant food. If you opt for the ready-to-eat menu, there are a variety of meals available. Before you buy any product, pay attention to certain properties of the food.

Also because of the large selection, we advise you to pay attention to the addition organic. It is not at all difficult to find complementary foods that are organic. Since there is organic food for every age group, you don't have to look far. In this respect, you have a wide range of choices to feed your offspring. That is why we offer you products from well-known brands.

Organic products ideal for babies and small Children

We have this baby food for on the go as well as for at home. This is practical because you always have the right organic baby food or organic infant food at hand. This means that the organic products are ideal for babies or small children, because they give your offspring a healthy and balanced diet.

In addition, you promote the development of babies with high-quality food. Whether baby porridge or other food such as jars, you will find a wide variety of organic food for babies and children in our online shop. All ingredients meet the requirements that characterize organic Quality.

Organic baby food and organic children's food from various brands

The older the child gets, the more active they are. Therefore, your child needs more energy, which it gets from eating. Various baby foods, fruit, vegetables and meat are now on the menu as baby food. However, you still have to get your baby used to feeding with a spoon if you want it to have organic baby food.

As soon as eating the organic baby food off the spoon works, the little ones have a large selection of tasty menus and organic products at their disposal. In this way, your offspring gets a varied diet every day. You are reassured because you are doing everything for the health of your toddler with baby food such as organic food. Because the jars and paps contain only healthy ingredients.

This is the case with any food or porridge that you order for your child, especially organic baby food or organic baby food. Get your offspring used to healthy food early on, because they will stick to it later.

Branded organic Food

Discover a large selection of organic food from the Alnatura brand. Muesli with fruit is a product that is ideal for breakfast. We have various organic products from HIPP in our range, because this brand is popular with babies and children.

Choose from: jars for babies from the fourth month and for children up to the age of one. If you are faced with the choice of feeding a first jar, choose either fruit or vegetables. In this way, the child gets to know the taste of vegetables or fruit. At the same time it is supplied with vitamins. Vegetables are well suited as supplementary food from the fourth month.

The more you practice feeding, the better it will work. However, you should not change the varieties too often, especially in the beginning. If your child does not tolerate something, it is easier to recognize which type of complaint is occurring. Carrots are very popular, but they also strengthen the stool. When feeding the porridge, remember to offer tea to your child as well.

Fruit, vegetables with meat or rice with chicken?

From the fifth month the menus are popular. They now contain small pieces so that the child learns to chew. For example, you can choose between fruit, vegetables with meat or rice with chicken for the jar food. The porridge for children or babies is also available in organic form.

complementary food

On the one hand there is the baby porridge made from one type of grain, on the other hand it is available in several types of grain as complementary food. For example, you can order organic baby porridges made from oats and millet. The preparation of the porridge is very simple because you need water or milk to mix it. Also try to refine the organic baby porridge with fruit puree.

In addition to the fruit puree, delicious biscuits or bars are ideal for hunger in between. The bars are available in blueberry and strawberry flavors. The little ones also like rice cakes, rusks and cereal sticks.

Order organic food and organic products from different Brands

In order for your children to develop splendidly, a healthy diet of organic baby food and organic children's food is important. The necessary nutrients are contained in high-quality baby food. In this respect, feeding ready-made baby food such as baby food or infant formula only has advantages. You don't have to cook extra for the child.

The trend is again towards parents cooking the baby food themselves. But that's not necessary these days. After all, Alnatura and HIPP offer practical organic baby food or organic infant food. The advantage is obvious. If the child is very hungry, prepare the baby food in no time.

age recommendation

When ordering baby food, pay attention to the recommended age. This is important because the diet contains certain nutrients. Furthermore, the consistency of the baby food is adjusted. On the one hand it is about not overtaxing the body, on the other hand the digestion is still vulnerable. With the decision for organic quality you are doing everything right. It starts with breakfast and ends in the evening.

Large selection of baby food

Convince yourself of the large selection of baby food. Check the jars and the organic baby porridge to see which ingredients the products are made of. Fruit, vegetables or cereals, everything is age-appropriate and also tailored to the child's taste. That means no salt and sugar. If your child is a bit more hungry, just take the larger glass. Finally, you have the choice between different sizes in terms of the available portions.

Baby food from Alnatura and HIPP

Do not hesitate, browse our shop and take a look at the organic baby food and organic children's food from Alnatura and HIPP. The ingredients come from organic farming and are carefully prepared. In addition, the production of the food is sterile. Food bearing the organic seal has not been exposed to harmful pesticides.

No genetically modified material is used to produce organic products. Healthy baby food also includes avoiding coloring and preservatives. Trust in the good quality of the baby food, because it is checked regularly.

Stock up on organic baby Food

It is always worth stocking up, as the jars often have a shelf life of 24 months. The jars or bowls can be heated in a water bath or in the microwave.

Before use, check containers for proper closure. Because this is important to be sure that the food is perfect. If the lid of the jar bulges upwards, the contents cannot be used. A good sign is when the lid is facing in. The cracking sound when opening should also be the same.

The large selection of organic baby food and organic children's food has many advantages, because organic food is of the best quality. This starts with the children's breakfast, because organic is healthier. Providing your little ones with organic baby food is the basis for healthy development.