German bread – that stands for quality and taste

You can buy German bread all over the world – here in the online shop! When it comes to bread, choose – for example, traditional from Harry or the lifestyle brand Mestermacher! Whether crustal bread, multigrain bread or Schwarzbrot – we have all varieties with us in our range.

No country in the world offers such a wide variety of breads as Germany. Whether it's rye bread, wholegrain toast, fitness bread or pumpernickel – opt for our best-selling in the shop.

Wide assortment with excellent taste – whether white bread, whole grains or Schwarzbrot!

For example, you can opt for a real Harry bread. Harry is the best-known bread brand in Germany. With these breads, you always have the guarantee of quality and freshness.

Because Harry is one of the most modern large bakeries in Germany. In addition, the consumer's wishes for Harry are always in focus. The baker relies on new trends and a wide range of breads! With our online shop, we are fully committed to modern baking.

Enjoy the German bread culture!

But even the lifestyle must not be neglected when it comes to bread. That's why we also have the breads of "Mestemacher – the Lifestyle-Bakery" in our assortment. For example, hearty Schwarzbrot, or also called "pumpernickel."

Order fresh loaves from Germany now! Do you know pumpernickel? The hearty wholegrain speciality made of Westphalia is deep dark and requires a better long baking process. It tastes wonderfully tart spicy and sweet and sweet!

Everything is, of course, baked fresh and without preservatives.