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Our natural care concept for your skin

We follow a holistic approach. In our understanding, body care should not only serve beauty, but also maintain the health of the skin. We achieve this by promoting a healthy balance with our products.

To do this, we draw on the special features of nature. Our care concept combines the effects of various natural active ingredients to strengthen the skin's own powers. Guiding plants give our care series their special character. The lead plants symbolize our needs in certain phases of life and contribute to the effectiveness of the products. Pomegranate, for example, has a dynamizing and antioxidant effect. Because we believe that the life processes of nature and those of man are interconnected.

We use active ingredients from nature

Our natural cosmetics contain precious ingredients such as natural plant oils. Together with natural essential oils and other ingredients, they support the effect of plant extracts in our holistic formulas. Does your skin need regenerative and antioxidant help, or does it primarily need moisture? To address the specific needs of the skin, we combine different oils and extracts. The oils for our high-quality care products come, for example, from apricot kernels, the fruit of the argan tree, the seeds of the pomegranate, wheat germ buds, sea buckthorn or the seeds of the evening primrose. We obtain effective extracts from a variety of plants such as the white mallow or the moisture-retaining prickly pear. Since 1926, Weleda Skin Food has been caring for the skin thanks to an effective composition with extracts of pansies, chamomile and calendula flowers.

Why plant oils are good for your skin

Plants absorb the light and heat of the sun and convert it into sugar, i.e. matter. From this, through multi-stage transformation processes, various substances are formed, which combine to form fatty oils and are stored in the seeds. The oil obtained from the seeds and kernels is rich in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and valuable vitamins. Pure vegetable oils are similar in composition to the skin barrier and can be absorbed and processed by the skin. They are easily absorbed and support the natural skin functions: They supplement the fat content, thereby improving the skin's barrier and counteracting moisture loss from the skin. Unlike vegetable oils, mineral oil-based oils have a sealing effect and cannot be metabolized by the body.

What our products do not contain

Small microplastic beads and liquid plastics such as silicones can leak from cosmetics into rivers and oceans and pollute the environment. We do not use these substances. Our Birch Shower Scrub, for example, contains environmentally friendly wax beads made from carnauba and beeswax. Because quality and sustainability belong together for us