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Order now: German fruit gum and gummy bears

Would you like to order German fruit gum and gummy bears? Then surf right through our rich assortment. Whether Haribo, Katjes or Nimm2 - here you will find exactly the product you are looking for. In at least three days the coveted goods will be with you.

Haribo - order what your heart desires

Haribo Gold Bear – the legend in an incredible variety

German fruit gum sits simply legendary: for example, the Haribo Gold Bear (Haribo Goldbär) – just the right thing for children and adults! Many think there is only one version of the gold bear. Far from it:In our shopopens up all the variety! Ecover more than just the ordinary. Order and try your new favoritetaste. Incredibly many varieties make our range so desirable!

Katjes – a small cat from liquorice will one day become world famous

Katjes Jogger Gums: try delicious little, yes, sneakers made of fruit gum!

Did you know that Katjes in Dutch simply means little kitten? You can really enjoy this vegetarian product. Katjes tastes so good because only high-quality and natural ingredients are used. All fruit gums consist of fruit juices and fruit marrow. In addition, only high-quality liquorice juices are used in liquorice.

And what is Katjes Jogger Gums? This is also a delicious fruit gum with foam sugar – but in the form of jogging shoes. With such ideas, Katjes can inspire his fans. Add 20% glucose to keep you fit at school and sports! Find your favorite flavor!

Nimm2 – German fruit gum: you take not only one, but usually two

Nimm2 laughing gums - lots of variety and above all: lots of fun

If you want to snack, love vitamins and good mood, you are well served with the laughing gums from Nimm2. Here, too, we offer you many othervarieties in the onlineshop. You like the classics? Or would you rather have softly filled laughing gums? Try something and order laughing gums from Nimm2! Laugh yourself happy - with the many funny faces! Try German fruit gumshere in our shop!