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How do Germans like to drink their coffee? Actually, one can only answer this question: Hot! Because coffee is one of the most popular drinks in Germany. It does not matter if it is deep black or foamed with milk. Without the coffee, hardly an adult German comes through the day. Most popular is the morning coffee. Then follows the afternoon indulgence in the popularity scale.

Coffee - the most popular drink in

In fact, current figures suggest that Germans drink more than 100 liters per capita on average per year. There is only a minority that has so far renounced coffee drinking. You want to order delicious coffees? We attach great importance to you discovering a German tradition here. Because Germany has a long tradition of successful brands. Through television advertising, most Germans are familiar with it at an early age. Whether Dallmayr, Jakobs, Eduscho or Melitta - everyone has heard these brand names before. Have you ever had a drink? We give you the opportunity. Order your coffee products directly from Germany in the future.

Which coffee drinker simply drinks black?

But the brown drink is not drunk the same way everywhere. Because everyone has a different taste, there are also many possibilities. The good bean from Germany is here only the basis for a diverse enjoyment. In contrast to the usual stereotypes so the German coffee drinker is quite experimental. Take, for example, the typical connoisseurs. They serve the coffee with milk foam or a piece of sugar. Incidentally, the milk coffee was once widespread. However, in this country too, it is increasingly being supplemented with cappuccino, latte macchiato or decaffeinated varieties.

German coffee: That belongs to every coffee table!

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