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Order German food – simple, fresh and comfortable

Welcome to GermanFoods Online Shop

German food is absolutely trending. Order now! You have the guarantee of fast and fresh delivery – directly from Germany. GermandFoods.Shop: A good idea from Germany for the world!

Wide assortment-typical German food!

What do you want to order? Whether German baked goods, German sausages or German sweets – in our online shop you have everything present at a glance! How fast we are? You can receive your goods in three days. Don't miss this unique service!

Order the taste from Germany!

You can also use our service around German food and cooking as in Germany. Here you can order the ingredients for your German cuisine, the barbecue party or for the little hunger in between. Whether snacks, basic food, baking ingredients or delicious sweets – order the taste from Germany!

Cooking like home – for Germans abroad

Are you a German living abroad? Good luck continues! But sometimes you certainly miss the local attitude to life. It doesn't have to be! Get your taste back from Germany with the GermanFoods.Shop. We ship all products directly from Germany – original, fast and fresh! Breastfeed your homesickness with your favourite chocolate, German beer or original German sausage!

We even ship the beloved organic muesli. Access! This is where the brands from your home country are waiting for you!

For our customers in the US. or Canada: Order German food here!

You may be wondering, "What are typical German foods?" We offer a wide range of products: From the very fast kitchen to breakfast and the complete accessories for your real German barbecue! In addition, the whole family has something of it: German gummy bears, German sweets and German chocolate are very popular all over the world.

Sausage & meat from Germany are also popular all over the world. Order the most famous products here. Enjoy access to German specialities. Did you know that there are more than 15,000 types of sausages in Germany? We offer you the best varieties here! Whether Thuringian rust sausage or Viennese sausages – products for real gourmets!

What does a truly German breakfast actually look like?

A German breakfast is full! Because the German breakfast is particularly rich. This definitely includes bread or German rolls. In addition, breakfast can also be sweet, for example with Nutella or jam. In Bavaria, on the other hand, hearty is eaten for breakfast.

Whether sausages, cheeses or eggs-everything is part of it! Whether coffee, tea or cocoa is served, we leave that entirely to your taste.

Order German products from us for every day & the whole family!

We offer a large selection of different German products.

Such as: delicious Candy and Chocolate, Bread & Broetchen, Cakes, Coffee, Cooking products, Drugstore articleLaundry detergent, and many more.

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