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Baking is not only one of the hobbies of many people in the run-up to Christmas. The reason is obvious: baking is relaxing and you can prepare your favorite cakes and tarts yourself. Without the right baking ingredients, however, no cake will succeed.

It doesn't matter whether it's flour, sugar, baking powder or vanilla: your cake will only be a hit if you have the right baking ingredients. You will therefore find plenty of ingredients for baking in our well-stocked shop. Our tip: rely on German manufacturers, because their products are of very good Quality.

German baking ingredients for every Need

No matter what kind of baking ingredients you are looking for: You will find all common ingredients in our well-stocked online shop. We have specialized in German manufacturers, because they are of particularly high quality and impeccable quality. Three German manufacturers of baking ingredients that we can particularly recommend are Dr. Oetker, Ruf and Alnatura.

If you prefer organic ingredients when baking, you've come to the right place with the manufacturer Alnatura. This company specializes in products of perfect organic quality. Even if you are vegetarian or vegan and have to take this into account when baking, you will find a wide range of vegan baking ingredients at Alnatura. Regardless of whether you are baking for a special occasion or simply because you feel like it: choose products that guarantee baking success. Classics like the Dr. Oetker baking powder should not be missing in a well-organized kitchen, nor should cake and cake decorations.

Only with this you can personalize your cake and turn it into something very special. Do you have no time at all instead? Then simply use the practical baking mixes that all well-known German manufacturers have in their product range. Add just eggs, milk, or water according to package directions, pour base into pan and bake in oven. It really couldn't be easier and even the absolute baking layman can do it without any Problems.

Order baking ingredients from Germany

With our enormous variety of ingredients for baking, it will certainly not be easy for you to make a choice. Let yourself be inspired a little by our product range and browse our website. German manufacturers and their baking ingredients keep their promises. It's not for nothing that it's called "Quality made in Germany". You can also see that in the ingredients.

These are not only securely packed, but also ensure that your cake is a success. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an ambitious hobby baker: With the ingredients from Ruf, Dr. Oetker and Alnatura don't find it difficult to impress your guests with your own creation. the dr Oetker cake cream, for example, will help you to create dreamy cake creations just like from a confectioner; All this without much baking experience. This is just one example of the many products that we offer in our GermanFoods online shop.

Be sure to try out the different baking aromas, because only these make a cake perfect. German manufacturers offer you Christmas baking aromas such as speculoos spices and cinnamon as well as summery ingredients. Lemon peel and orange peel from Ruf or Dr Oetker makes your cake wonderfully refreshing.

Large selection of well-known Brands

Perhaps you have tried out German manufacturers and their products before and were impressed? We are pleased that we can present you with a large selection of German brands in our shop. The satisfaction of our customers is particularly important to us. That is why we ensure that every order leaves our premises and reaches you, the end customer, as quickly as possible.

With us you only get fresh products at the best price. Ordering your favorite baking ingredients has never been so easy: you select your favorite products, put them in the shopping cart and within a few days you will receive your delivery directly to your home.