Mother's Day

Mother's Day worldwide - when and where is it celebrated?

Whether it's Mama, mum or maman - mothers are celebrated on a specific day in most countries around the world. The first Mother's Day was initiated by an American woman - Anna Jarvis - in 1907. She wanted to honor her own mother. As early as 1914, Mother's Day was officially introduced in the USA and from there it spread all over the world. In Germany, Mother's Day has been officially celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May since 1923: with flowers, small gifts, cards.
In many countries - USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, China - Mother's Day is also celebrated at the beginning of May, but not in all of them. Thus Mummy in UK already sees in March in the center, while the Norwegians honor their Mor even in February. The cultural differences become clear when we take a look at the different countries. 

Belgium: Here, Mother's Day is actually celebrated - as in Germany - on the 2nd Sunday in May. But: not in all parts of the country. The Antwerp region celebrates on Assumption Day, August 15.

France: For the French, everything revolves around mothers only on the last Sunday in May. Then the mothers are presented with flowers and homemade gifts.